" MichSeis is the concept that a network of independent, yet cooperative, digital seismographic stations can be operated by schools and institutions throughout Michigan*."
(*or anywhere else in the world!)

Recent Earthquake Information

Its the new SeismoGraf digital seismographic station, and it is Live on the Web! Connect to the AAMC seismograph web page
(Link to the Seismo-Cam view of this station is listed below)

eduPhase is now a sub-section of the EduQuakes column in Seismological Research Letters
Go to link in the below box to access eduPhase, a new phase is added every two months

The long-awaited software upgrades are here!
Go to SeismoGraf link in the below-right box for details

Any Earthquakes today?
A real-time list of earthquakes with maps showing their epicentral locations compiled by NEIC

Where are the most recent earthquakes?
"Seismic Monitor" Map of recent earthquakes compiled by IRIS

Seismo-Cam: What is the ground doing now in Ann Arbor?

Data: Seismograms for EQ location and magnitude of Regional Events

EduPhase main page

Special Project:
"Hurricane Season!"

QuakeView A quick look at earthquakes and seismograms from around the world

Special Earthquake Report:
Sept 25, 1998 Ohio-Penn (M=5.2)

Its here!
The new "SeismoGraf" stations are here!
Click to go to hardware/software desciption & tech info.
(Jan '99)

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