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Group News
5/19/2014 -- Greg is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure! Thanks to all the students, postdocs, and staff who made this possible!
5/16/2014 -- New paper in Science shows that deep-sea viruses carry genes for sulfur oxidation. Excellent work Karthik!
5/8/2014 -- "Lab Meeting" at a Tigers game! We are celebrating the completion of Meng Li's postdoc and his new position as Assistant Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Shenzhen University
5/5/2014 -- Moore Foundation Marine Microbiology Initative synthesis meeting. The whole team got together in Ann Arbor to summarize and reflect on what we learned.

From left: Sunit Jain, Houshuo Jiang, Jon Kaye, Meng Li, Daniel Reed, Cody Sheik, Brandy Toner, Greg Dick, Chip Breier, Brandi Kamermans, Rebecca Sims, Brett Baker, Chris Klausmeier
3/28/14 -- Karthik Anantharaman successfully defends his PhD dissertation! "Geomicrobiology of hydrothermal plumes: elucidating the role of microorganisms in deep ocean carbon and sulfur biogeochemical cycles". Karthik now moves on to a postdoc in Jill Banfield's lab. Congratulations Karthik!
1/20/14 -- Alex Voorhies successfully defends his PhD dissertation! "Investigation of microbial interactions and ecosystem dynamics in a low O2 cyanobacterial mat". Congratulations Alex!
October, 2013 - lab party!

Bottom from left: Karthik Anantharaman, Brett Baker, Meng Li, Dan Marcus. Top from left: Melissa Duhaime, Gabriel Vargas, Daniel Reed, Sunit Jain, Alex Voorhies, Greg Dick, Cody Sheik, Lauren Kinsman-Costell, Paul DenUyl

5/30/2013 - Cody cruises to the Mid Cayman Rise on R/V Falcor. He will be sampling hydrothermal plumes for microbes and viruses. Follow him on twitter or via the cruise blog here!

5/23/2013 - New paper on heterotrophy and nitrite oxidation in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes in The ISME Journal. Congrats Brett!

This work was supported by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Program.


5/21/2013 - New paper on hydrothermal plume microbiology in Frontiers in Microbiology.

This work was supported by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Program.

2/24/2013 - Greg is named a Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Ocean Sciences.
February 2013 - Sunit gets married! Dan and Kathryn make the trip to India. Congrats Sunit!


January 2013 - New paper in PNAS: Evidence for hydrogen oxidation and metabolic plasticity in widespread deep-sea sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. Congratulations Karthik!

This work was supported by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Program.



6/14/2012 - Two new papers on the metatranscriptome of deep-sea hydrotheraml plumes available online at The ISME Journal. We find that Guaymas Basin plumes are dominated by water column methanotrophs and lithotrophs, including ammonia-oxidizing Archaea. Congrats to Brett and Ryan!

This work was supported by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Program.





3/13/12 - New paper in Nature Education: Underwater sinkholes are habitats for ancient microbial life.


3/12/12 - New paper in Geobiology: genomics and function of cyanobacterial mats at low oxygen. Congrats to Alex on his first first-author paper! Photo at right shows the mats in Lake Huron sinkhole, by Tane Casserly, NOAA-TBNMS.

This work was supported by the NSF Geobiology & Low-Temperature Geochemistry Program.


January, 2012 - Research cruise the Mid-Cayman Rise. Fantastic samples collected from rising hydrothermal plumes at the deepest known deep-sea vents.

This work is supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Marine Microbiology Initiative.


11/1/2011 - Daniel Reed joins the lab!


Daniel is a postdoc modeling microbial and biogeochemical processes in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes.


10/1/11 - Meng Li joins the lab!


Meng is a postdoc working on methanotrophs in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes.


7/17/11 - Going away party for Ryan and Kathryn. Ryan starts grad school at USC and Kathryn heads to Pat Schloss's lab. Good luck guys!


7/15/11 - Sinkholes project featured in Earth Magazine


7/1/11 - Cody Sheik joins the lab!

Cody is a postdoc working work on the microbial diversity of deep-sea hydrothermal vent plumes.  

6/7/11 - sinkhole field work: first night dive! Thanks to the NOAA-TBNMS crew for excellent sampling!


11/1/10 - new project on deep-sea hydrothermal vents

This work will explore the interplay between microbiology and geochemistry in rising plumes at deep-sea hydrothermal vents.  

9/1/10 - Brett Baker joins the lab!


6/13/10 - Goldschmidt 2010, Knoxville, TN

Alex and Karthik present posters  

9/22/09 - sinkhole project on the discovery channel


8/19/09 - Lab party!


6/25/2009 - Genomics of Geochemistry session at Goldschmidt in Davos, Switzerland.


6/12/2009 - Karthik heads to Lau Basin! He will join an oceanographic expedition on the R/V Thompson to investigate the geomicrobiology of buoyant hydrothermal plumes at the Lau Basin backarc spreading center. Follow the cruise blog.


6/1/2009 - sampling amazing microbial mats at sinkholes in Lake Huron (below).