Probe Earth evolution and planetary habitability

through making and breaking diamonds

Li's research group studies material properties and planetary evolution, focusing on the behavior of planetary materials under high pressure and high temperature conditions and the thermal and chemical evolution of Earth-like planets. Our current research seeks insights into the following questions: 1) How did the Earth develop its layered structure and heterogeneity through melting and freezing? 2) How do Earth-like planets and moons sustain their core dynamos? 3) How have volatile or light elements influenced planetary evolution and habitability? Ultimately we aim to understand how planets have evolved from the same solar nebula to their current diverse states and to find out if Earth-like planets are common or rare in our universe.

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Jie (Jackie) Li

Professor of Mineral Physics and Geochemistry

Ph.D. (Earth and Planetary Sciences) Harvard

B.S. (Geochemistry) USTC

M.A (Geophysics) Harvard


Jiachao Liu took a postdoc position at MSU 2016

Junjie Dong gave a talk at the COMPRES meeting in New Mexico 2016

Zeyu Li defended Ph.D. dissertation 2015

Jiachao Liu defended Ph.D. dissertation 2015

Hidden carbon in Earth's core news 2015

Dr. Bin Chen started faculty position at University of Hawaii 2014

Zeyu Li won "Outstanding Poster" award at SSAP Symposium 2013

Dr. Leslie Hayden started staff position at USGS Menlo Park 2011

Dr. Bin Chen won the Jamieson Award 2010

Jiachao Liu won a Rackham International Student Fellowship 2010

Lili Gao's work on COMPRES Science Highlight 2009

Bin Chen's work on Advanced Photo Source Science Highlight 2009

Lili Gao's work on Cover of Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 2009

Scientific American Podcast 2008

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