Regional climate model results from Ehlers and Poulsen (Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2009) and Insel et al. (Climate Dynamics, 2009). These manuscripts should be referenced for detailed information about the model experiments and setup. Both references should be cited in any use of the model data.

Five South American climate simulations are posted below. The representation (elevation) of the Andes differs in each experiment. Each file represents a single year of model simulation. The files include monthly averages of zonal wind (U), meridional wind (V), temperature (TK), mixing ratio (QD), relative humidity (RH), total precipitation (RT), ground temperature (TGRND). All data files are in netcdf format. For additional information regarding this data, please contact Chris Poulsen (

Modern Andes Equivalent (AE)

Three-Quarter (75%) Andes Equivalent (3QAE)

Half (50%) Andes Equivalent (HAE)

Quarter (25%) Andes Equivalent (QAE)

No Andes Equivalent (NAE)