MAIRI LOUISE JEFFERY, PhD CandidateMiddle Teton, WY

Research Interests

The rates of fluvial incision in South America have varied significantly during the late Cenozoic. These changes are in response to surface uplift of the Andes mountains and climate controlled changes in discharge rates. My research explores the relative importance of these two factors in fluvial erosion of the Andes using paleoclimate simulations and lansdscape evolution models.



BA & M.Sc., Natural Sciences - Geology, Univseristy of Cambridge (2008)


Jeffery, M.L., C.J. Poulsen, and T.A. Ehlers (2012). Impacts of Cenozoic global cooling, surface uplift, and an inland seaway on South American paleoclimate and precipitation δ18O. Geological Society of America Bulletin, in press.

Poulsen, C.J. and Jeffery, M.L.., 2011, Climate change imprinting on stable isotopic compositions of high-elevation meteoric water cloaks past surface elevations of major orogens, Geology, 39, 595-598, doi:10.1130/G32052.1

Contact Information

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