Our emphasis on paleoclimate stems from the simple fact that most of our knowledge of Earth's climate variability originates from paleoclimate studies of times older than 1 kyr. The historical record of climate is short, spanning about 0.00002% of Earth history. To get a full picture of how Earth's climate operates it is essential to look into the past. Besides, the past has been extraordinarily interesting with climate varying between states of severe glaciation and global warmth and everything in between. We are also keenly interested in future climate variabilty, particularly in regions that are susceptible to climate change.

There are many tools for studying climate. Our approach has mainly been to use and develop climate models. This approach is motivated by the fact that climate models are:

  • great integrators, capable of making sense of widespread and diverse observational records
  • based on physical laws and principles and thus minimize arm waving
  • our sole predictive tool. To maintain a sense of reality, however, we work closely with observationalists in addition to conducting field campaigns of our own

Research topics currently under investigation in our lab include:Bolivian Wx Station