July 2001
Profs. Bruce Wilkinson and K.C Lohmann
University of Michigan

Michigan Rocks!
Bruce Wilkinson and K. C. Lohmann

The region surrounding Ann Arbor affords a simply excellent opportunity to examine a host of fascinating geologic phenomena outside a classroom setting, and thatís exactly what we will be doing during in this course. We will spend equal amounts of time in the classroom learning about the geology of the region and about the geological features we will be examining in the field. Traveling beyond Ann Arbor to collect and examine various minerals, rocks, fossils, and other fascinating features and settings in the area comprises the field research course component.

Day trips will include travel to Kirkfield, Ontario to look at rocks and collect fossils from the Devonian Period now exposed along the Au Sable River. If you like the feeling of being part of natural grandeur, then take a walk along the Au Sable's banks where the river has cut its way through an ancient seabed exposing strata of limestone and shale in which fossil remains of an equally ancient life have been entombed. Another trip includes East Lansing, where will collect plant fossils and examine the rocks exposed along the Grand River. We will spend the day picking up bits of giant ferns and other plant fragments where ancient coal swamps were once found. Through this course, you will gain a geologic perspective about the processes that give rise to the surrounding land and establish an understanding of the regions that have been in a state of rapid change for thousands of years.

Michigan Math and Science Scholars -- Michigan Rock 2001
(left to right)
Alexander Gordan, Jamila Tabor, Katrina Laperuta, Adreinne Grant, Tearah Kemp
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 Gerald Eddy Geology Center and Grand Ledge, MI
Killins Quarry, Ann Arbor, MI
Tawas Point, MI
Pickerel Lake, MI
Coastal Processes of Lake Michigan
Holland to South Haven, MI


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