CERG News Archive (from May 2010)

December 2012 CERG presents four abstracts at AGU in San Francisco related to the early evolution of Earth's atmosphere, plant isotope ecology, and paleoclimate reconstruction

November 2012 CERG presents nine abstracts at GSA in Charlotte related to paleoclimate and paleovegetation reconstruction

August 2012 Abstract-a-palooza! CERG submitted a total of 13 abstracts to this year's GSA and AGU meetings, including two abstracts by undergrads

July 2012 Nathan and former post-doc Mike Hren have a new paper in EPSL entitled "Temporal variations in lake water temperature: paleoenvironmental implications of lake carbonate δ18O and temperature records" - link here.

June 2012 Jen and Nathan have a new paper in Palaeo3 entitled "High-resolution record of C4 photosynthesis in a Miocene grassland" - link here.

May 2012 Nathan, Jen, Tim, and former post-doc Mike Hren did fieldwork at a PETM site in Utah

November 2011 Former CERG member Karen Gutierrez and Nathan have a new paper in GSA Bulletin entitled Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Jurassic dinosaur habitats of the Vega Formation, Asturias, Spain. If anyone is interested, you can find the paper at doi:10.1130/B30285.1 or E-mail if you'd like a copy.

October 2011 CERG invaded GSA with posters by Meredith and Christie, talks by Stephanie, Ethan, and Jen, and an invited talk by Nathan

August 2011 Steve Driese and colleagues (including Nathan) have a published a paper in Precambrian Research entitled Neoarchean paleoweathering of tonalite and metabasalt: implications for reconstructions of 2.69 Ga early terrestrial ecosystems and paleoatmospheric chemistry. E-mail if you'd like a copy.

July 2011 Greg Retallack, Nathan, and their colleagues have published a new paper in Palaeo-3 entitled Multiple Early Triassic greenhouse crises impeded recovery from Late Permian mass extinction. E-mail if you'd like a copy.

  • 2011 Summer Fieldwork will include work in Montana (Meredith, Selena, Ethan, and Nathan), Wyoming (Ethan, Selena, and Nathan), Michigan (Mike and Nathan), and Argentina (Jen and Ethan)

  • 2 November 2010 (Upcoming) CERG will be running a 2010 GSA Topical Session jointly with Caroline Stromberg entitled: T122. Cenozoic Terrestrial Environmental Change in North America: From Paleosols to Paleobotany.

  • 10 August 2010 Congratulations to Lauren on submitting her masters thesis on phytoliths and Middle Eocene paleoecology in Montana! Manuscript to come :)

  • 1 July 2010 Jess and Nathan have published a new paper entitled "Neoichnology at lake margins: implications for paleo-lake systems" in Sedimentary Geology - abstract is here; e-mail for a .pdf.

  • 1 July 2010 Nathan and Jess have published a new paper entitled "Evidence for and early sagebrush ecosystem in the latest Eocene of Montana" in The Journal of Geology - abstract is here; e-mail for a .pdf.

  • 13-18 June 2010 Nathan and Jen to Goldschmidt in Nashville.

  • 19-21 May 2010 Nathan to SEPM Siliciclastic Mats Conference in Denver