Continental Environments Research Group (CERG) - Personnel

About the PI

Dr. Nathan Sheldon - Lab PI

Education: 2003 PhD University of Oregon, 1999 BA Carleton College
Research Interests: Biogeochemistry, Paleoclimatic Reconstructions, and Global Change. Publication List
Current Field Areas: Spain, Isle of Wight (UK), Montana, Wyoming, Sardinia

Current Research Group - Grad Students and Post-docs

Pic 3Jen Cotton, PhD Candidate
Research:Proxy Development and Organic Geochemistry
Expected Completion: Spring 2013
Pic 3
Ethan Hyland, PhD Candidate
Research:Paleovegetation and Early Eocene Climatic Optimum; phytoliths
Expected Completion: Spring 2014

Current Research Group - Undergraduates

Pic 3Stephanie Chen
Research: Modern and Ancient Phytoliths

Group Alumni

Pic 3
Jessica Hamer, RHUL PhD
Research: "Interpreting Cenozoic Floodplains: A Palaeopedological and Ichnological Perspective"
Completion: Fall 2009
Current Position: Lampton School, UK

Pic 3
Karen Gutierrez, UM MastersD
Research: Paleoenvironments of Jurassic Dinosaurs in Asturias, Spain
Completion: Fall 2009
Current Position: Research Scientist, Sandia National Lab
Pic 3Ria Mitchell, RHUL PhD
Research: Weathering and Paleosol Formation of the Keweenawan Rift
Completion: Fall 2010

Pic 3Lauren Miller, UM Masters
Research: Reconstructing Eocene Paleovegetation with Phytoliths
Completion: Summer 2010

Pic 3Christie Wilkins, 2012 UM BSci
Research: Leaf Stable Isotopes
Pic 3Michael Hren, Turner Post-doc 2010-2012
Research:Clumped Isotopes, Organic Geochemistry, Paleohydrology, Paleoclimate. Now an Assistant Professor at the University of Connectict
Pic 3Bryana Boos, 2012 UM BA
Research: Modern and Ancient Phytoliths
Pic 3Meredith Dennis, UM Masters
Research: Paleosol Stable Isotopes, Phytoliths
Completion: Spring 2012

Contact Information

Dr. Nathan Sheldon
University of Michigan
Dept. of Geological Sciences
2534 CC Little Building
1100 North University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1005
Phone: 734.647.7569