Continents Adrift

...and environmental shifts

Geological Sciences 105, Winter 1998 (first half)

Lecture: Tues Thurs, 11-12 1324 East Hall (old East Engin)

Prof: Larry Ruff, 763-9301, e-mail:,

Books (both on reserve at Library): main text, Tales of the Earth, by Officer & Page,

supplemental for Plate Tectonics: Behavior of the Earth, by Allegre

Grading: Three aspects,

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Tentative Schedule

Theme Tues >>topic Thurs >>topic
intro Jan 8: what is science?
plate tectonics Jan 13:

continental drift to..

Jan 15: sea-floor spreading to...
Part One of Book 20: plate 22: finish plate tectonics.
Quiz #2, Volcanos
(Chapts 1 thru 4) 27: Volcanos 29: Earthquakes, Quiz #3
Part Two Feb 3: floods and ice ages


Feb 5: Impacts and Greenhouse process
(Chapters 5&6) 10: climate 12: climate, continued, the atmosphere Quiz #4
Part Three 17: ...and finish off with atmosphere & ocean 19: QUIZ #5, variations in temp & CO2 & mass extinctions
(Chapts 7,8,&9) 24: the future, what to do with the climate?
Review session, 5 pm , 1512 CC Little