Computer Science & Engineering


  • 2001 - 2006: Senior Member of Technical Staff, Database Architect Team, Geac Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (formerly Comshare Incorporated, Extensity Inc., now Infor), 555 Briarwood Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. January 2001 - March 2006.

Computing Skills

  • WINDOWS, UNIX, Mac, and Linux environments
  • Visual C++, Visual Basic, InstallShell, AWK, Visual Build, Fortran, Lisp programming languages; Unix shell scripting
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Statistical Analysis System (SAS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Visual Source Safe (VSS) Databases

Software Engineering Experience at Comshare/Geac

  • Database Setup Wizard. I was responsible for this MPC (Management, Planning, and Consolidation, the flagship software of the company) component that create/upgrade the application required tables, views, triggers, and roles. The Wizard supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server platforms across several versions.
  • Data Loader. I was responsible for this MPC component that would allow user to load their financial data into the MPC production database. The users can run this application via Graphic User Interface or via scripting.
  • User Security. I was responsible for this MPC component that would allow administrator to assign different level of database privileges to different users and/or user groups. The module supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • MPC Administration Setup. I developed the InstallShield project that creates the installation setup for the MPC Administration products. It installs more than 150 files and third party components and sets up appropriate registry settings and DSN for the software.
  • Automatic Build Program. I was responsible for the development of the automatic build program that would allow for scheduled building of the entire MPC Administration suite from Visual SourceSafe databases for weekly testing and for commercial release.
  • Visual SourceSafe Database Administration. I was the VSS administrator for the MPC Architect Team., responsible for the branching, achieving and routine analysis of the databases.

Other Database/AI Related Experiences

  • Major Reponsibilities at Comshare: Comshare Management Planning and Control softwares user security module; Comshare relational database integrity; Weekly auto build of the Comshare Administration components.
  • Contract Project: Michigan Environmental Council Database MEC01. I designed and implemented the database MEC01 for the Michigan Environmental Council, Lansing, Michigan. This Microsoft Access database is merged from four data repositories of different formats and styles. It is equipped with utilities to keep tracks on account profile, telephone contact, mail exchange, and donation history.
  • A simple and efficient algorithm for the map-coloring problem: Its development, implementation, and experiment. I developed a hybrid algorithm for the map-coloring problem, integrating techniques of forward checking, backjumping, and cleaning the list of neighbors to reduce consistency checking. It is simple yet efficient.
  • A simple algorithm for mining association rules and experimental exploration of amino acid composition of protein patterns. I developed a new algorithm and a matrix method for mining association rules, and applied the techniques to explore the amino acid composition of protein patterns.
  • Experiments on scientific data mining. I was the leader of this team project in which we conducted experiments in UNIX and Windows NT environments with a biology database (SAGE EST) and an environmental database (Michigan weather). The other two participants of this project were Richard Power and Paul Shooper.
  • Environmental databases for highly interactive computing in education in urban middle school. This is part of effort of Using Information Technologies to Support Urban Middle School Students in Scientific Inquiry, sponsored by the NSF. I am in charge of the data acquisition and database construction for this project since 1998 at the Center for Highly-Interactive Computing in Education at the University of Michigan.
  • The global database of borehole temperatures and climate reconstruction. I am a key investigator of this NSF and NOAA sponsored project which has as its goal the design, assembly, analysis and interpretation of world wide geothermal observations relevant to climate change over the last five centuries.
  • The global heat flow database. I am the custodian of this global database which contains more that 24,000 data entries each with ancillary information. This database has become a basic data archive for a broad scientific audience in studying the thermal and tectonic evolution of the Earth.

I am the custodian of the web sites International Heat Flow Commission and Global Database of Borehole Temperatures and Climate Reconstruction.

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