Assistant Research Scientist,

Earth & Environmental Sciences and Museum of Paleontology

Plant Paleobiology

I am interested in the paleobiology of plants, including their evolution and their link to climate and environment on broad timescales. We use both modern and fossil plants, and a variety of tools including phytoliths, stable isotopes, tomography, and anatomy to address our questions relating to systematics, evolution, ecology, and the Earth-Life system.

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Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences

University of Michigan

2534 CC Little Bldg

1100 North University Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1005


Museum of Paleontology

University of Michigan 

1109 Geddes Road

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079


  1. Office: 3002 CC Little Building

  2. Paleoecology & Plant Evolutionary Biology
    Lab (PPEBL): 5005 CC Little building

  3. Paleobotany Range: 5004 CC Little building

  4. phone (office): 734-615-5055

  5. phone (lab): 734-763-5089

  6. fax: 734-763-4690

  7. email: sysmith <at>

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Selena Y. Smith

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